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HBC lands Airfix Spitfire
  Plastic injection moulding
We offer you the customer the opportunity of our modern injection moulding thermoset and thermoplastic moulding facilities.
  Stamped & formed metal components
Capabilities to produce a variety of components for various industries using our extensive range of presses ranging from 25 ton upwards.
  Low Cost UK Assembly
Do you know how much you pay for your assembly labour in the Uk? HBC offer high volume manual and auto assembly in the UK but with a difference. The average UK hourly rate for assembly is a shade under £10 per hour, our rates however cut that in half at under £5 per hour for manual labour.
  Design for manufacture
From your idea to finished product we provide engineering and mechanical design, research and development, Catia CAD/CAM, and prototypes.
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Plastic injection molding specialist HBC Engineering Solutions

Plastic injection moulding specialist & component manufacturer HBC has been serving the engineering sector for over 40 years. During this time we have maximised our skills to suit our customers. We provide a range of contract manufacturing services that compliment any manufacturing project in various industry sectors.

The versatility of our engineering project management leaves OEM’s to concentrate on their own core business safe in the knowledge that the supply chain is fluid with HBC.

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